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Sign-ups are open

Sign-ups for Missy This Fic 2017 are now open:

Sign-up form on AO3

(If you need an AO3 account, you can request one here.)

Sign-ups will remain open until 8pm GMT on Thursday, 10th August. (When is that in my time zone?)

To sign up for this fest, you must have written at least three remixable fics of at least 500 words each for your remixer to choose from. To count as "remixable" these three fics
  • must be set in the same version of Doctor Who canon - for example, New Who, Old Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, Class, ...
  • must be posted publicly and must be easy to find for your remixer (have a link to a masterlist of your Doctor Who fic ready if you don't post your fic on AO3, please)
  • must be complete (no works in progress)
  • can't be crossovers or fusions with non-Doctor Who fandoms
  • should stand on their own (one shots that form a series are fine, as long as they can be truly read and remixed on their own merit)
  • should not be co-written with anyone, or previously written remixes of other people's work
For reference, here are the full Rules & FAQ.


Here you need to choose the canons that you have written the appropriate amount of eligible fic in and that your remixer will be matched to you on. So all Doctor Who universes you’ve written the required amount of eligible fic for that is not a WIP or crossover can be chosen from among the AO3 canonical tags in the fandom section.

Under "fandoms", please enter all Whovian fandoms you are remixable in.

Under "Link to my fic", please link to the place where your Doctor Who fic is accessible to your remixer.

Under "Details", please fill out the following information using this template (you can copy it directly from the textbox below):

Pairings: (list all pairings you have written at least 3 qualifying fics for)
Characters: (list all characters you have written at least 3 qualifying fics for)
Safe Story: (here you can specify ONE story that you don’t want remixed - you can also specify that you have no safe story)
Previous Remixes: Information about/list of or link to list of previously written remixes)
Are you fine with Missy being included in existing pairings/shipped with the characters in the resulting fic?


Here you can enter all the canon versions, pairings and characters you’d like to write a remix for. So everything you’re good to read and remix goes here.

Under "fandoms", please enter all Whovian fandoms you’re willing to write.

Under "Details", please list all pairings and/or characters you're willing to work with. "Any gen", "any m/m", "any f/f", "any m/f", "any poly" are also allowed, if you're feeling adventurous!

Please also mention if you have characters and pairings you want to avoid at all costs. We’ll try to take it into account.

Please use this template (you can copy it directly from the textbox below):

Pairings: (list all pairings you’re willing to write a remix for)
Characters: (list all characters you’re willing to write a remix for)
Characters/pairings to avoid: (list characters or pairings you definitely do not want to remix)

Requests are visible on AO3 - you can look at them here.

Please direct all the questions about signing up to the comments on this post.

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